Token distribution events (ICOs) are a popular way of earning money from investors who receive tokens in return. The TDE acts as a kind of crowdfunding.

TDE Consulting

We advise you on the very new field of Token Distribution Events (TDE) and evaluate your project from different perspectives.


We develop the necessary technology for you; Smart Contracts, TokenSale platforms and other promotional features individually tailored to your company.


Whether seed phase, pre-sale phase or main sales phase, we can serve you with our marketing experience and our influencer network.

We love exciting projects

lCOs, Smart Contracts and Security Audits



What exactly does the startup and product do? How is your token concept designed? How is your competition positioned and how do we crystallize your unique selling points? We check, advise and accompany you through to the market-ready solution.


The location of a blockchain start-up is an important aspect of regulatory requirements and tax advantages. Together with our partner law firms, we advise you on the appropriate legal structure.


The TokenSale covers all phases of the sale of tokens and thus the seed, pre-sale and main sale phases. We develop Smart Contracts, TokenSale platforms and payment services.


Strengthened by our large network, we advise you on how to win investors. It is important to select the right target group for each phase.


1 Seed-Phase

The seed phase covers the period of incorporation. Important decisions such as location and legal form are made and the business model is shaped. In this phase, investors such as business angels are involved in order to finance the costs of incorporation and regulation.

2 Pre-TDE

In the pre-sales phase, investments are made to start the development of the product, to present first prototypes if necessary and then to start the main sales phase

3 Main-TDE

Only the main sales phase of the Token Distribution Events will address smaller investors. In order to reach the possible global mass of smaller investors, continuous marketing, e.g. via social media and influencers, is necessary.

TokenSale platform

Schlüsselfertige TokenSale-Software

We program your TokenSale software to measure, adapted to your design and extended with the features necessary in your project.

KYC / AML-Compliant

Verify your investors via KYC or use our interfaces to a KYC third-party provider of your choice.

Payment service

An integrated payment service enables you to accept crypto currencies efficiently and autonomously.

Smart Contract

We design your token concept and program your Smart Contract.


Token Distribution Events (TDE)

We develop a Smart Contract for your TDE crowdfunding. With this Smart Contract you can distribute tokens to your investors.

Automated contracts

We develop your Smart Contracts Business Intelligence. The token concept and business model is embedded in your Smart Contract.

Security Audits

Security is the most important factor in the development of Smart Contracts. We use our experience and expertise for well-founded security audits.

Payment service

The payment service accepts all crypto currency payments and communicates them with your TokenSale platform or with your individual application.

Autonomous Service

The payment service runs autonomously on your own server. The blockchains on this server synchronize themselves directly into the networks without another intermediary. This also saves fees.

Scalability & Extensibility

The payment service can be extended to other crypto currencies and is technically scalable. So you can upgrade further crypto currencies and use the payment service for your later application.

Multiple crypto currencies

The payment service supports various crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and Monero.


Consulting & Strategy

Marketing for your token distribution event takes place in a different ecosystem than for many other products. We advise you which measures are possible and develop with you strategies for a consistent marketing.


Marketing in the cryptographic industry is decisively influenced by influencers. Influencers are therefore part of our marketing strategy.


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